Friday, May 17, 2013

Cheyenne Zoo Date

Robby and I have been wanting to go to the Cheyenne Zoo in Colorado Springs for a really long time. So when he came home from work, that was one of the first things on our list of things to do while he was home. I love this zoo compared to the Denver Zoo. It's more hands on & we were able to see animals actually MOVE around. The last time we went to the Denver Zoo I swear, we paid to look at empty cages and animals sleeping behind rocks.

In my opinion, getting to feed and pet the giraffes makes the trip to Colorado Springs well worth it! I could have stayed in that part of the zoo the whole time. 

We forgot to bring cash to feed the giraffes but we were able to pet this sweet guy. I seriously wanted to take him home. I'm sure our HOA would have just LOVED that.

This older giraffe was all by himself and was making Robby and I crack up! He was acting so hilarious.. as you can kinda tell from the picture below.

This little monkey was such a goof. He kept looking at us sideways haha!

How cute is the little babe?! Awww.

Funny story: This orangutan was eating his carrot just looking at everyone looking at him. Minding his own business. Well, this one little boy came up to the glass and started making funny faces at him and sticking out his tounge while shaking his head back and forth. The orangutan, no joke, sllloowlyyy took the carrot out of his mouth, his jaw dropped a tad and he stared at the little boy for a good 15 seconds like HE was the animal. I don't know, maybe you had to be there but it was the funniest thing ever!

And I've come to the realization that goats hate me. Remember our Denver Zoo visit last year?! Whats with them things showing me their behinds?

If you want to see animals gone wild, bring the Magee's along to the zoo with ya. For some reason we bring out the crazy in all the animals ;)

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