Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Denver Zoo Date

Yesterday was Robby's last day home so we decided to spend some quality time with each other. We went to visit the Denver Temple, went home to change and then after we went to visit the zoo. 


I'm noticing a lot of leaves are starting to change colors. Yay!

We didn't see a lot of the animals because we went kind of late, but some animals were ready for dinner, so we got to see them eat which was awesome!

Wish they would clean their windows.. eh oh well!

Isn't this camelion just the cutest? I love his curled up tail.
 I want him! He reminds me of Pascal from Tangled.

And then there's the famous Dori and Marlin from "Finding Nemo." 
And just in case you were wondering..
NO! I didn't sing "Just keep Swimming."
Okay maybe I did.

My sweet husband carrying my camera bag. 
I love how he doesn't care what anyone thinks!

My handsome husband.

Elephant eating dinner.

We made our way to the Asian Exhibit. 

Beautiful Colorado clouds!

Robby asked me if I wanted to jump (and I was about to) but then I remembered I had surgery not too long ago so I decided to skip out on jumping.

He jumped as far as a Kangaroo Rat!

I was also getting a lot of these pictures like the one above.
You know.. 
as soon as you bust out your camera the animal turns around to show you it's booty! Just lovely haha.

Well, my husband is now at the airport waiting for his flight and I'm sitting here at home missing him like crazy already. Ohh, what I would do to be at the zoo again with him!

Love you honey.
See you soon!

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