Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our First Home

My husband and I are in the process of buying a new home. 
And this will be OUR FIRST HOME.
Eeek! =)
And so far this has been a pretty smooth process (let me knock on some wood real quick). Okay, done!
Now what was I saying..? 

 When we first got married all we could afford was an apartment. Which was totally fine for us newlyweds. We lived in an apartment for about 6 months and decided it would be a wise decision for us to move in with my parents so we could pay off some debt. Once Robby got a new job and after we were done paying off our debt, we decided it was about the right time to get a place of our own again. So we went back to the apartment building we first started at because owning a home was for future plans.
We walked into the leasing office and what was once our monthly rent payment of a little less then $800.. went up to $1,050 to $1,070. 
Say what?!
Gee-weezz girlfriend. That's as much as some mortgage payments!
That's the day Robby and I started talking seriously about buying a house. 
We said, "why spend all this money on rent when it could go towards our own home?"
 So we looked around at different communities, looked at older homes, tried to figure out what city would be best for us and we finally decided and we got approved

We went Thursday (7/19/12) to take some pictures in front of the lot where our house will be built. 
 So excited!

Looks like my hair was excited too. Oh my!

We went back to our lot on Sunday (7/22/12) and they already started digging!! Our garage will be on the right side and front door on the left.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 4th 2012

  Was I into the 4th of July this year?
Well, to be honest.. um no. I wasn't.
I mean I would have been pumped up and ready for face painting, sparklers, and painting my nails red, white, and blue if it wasn't for the following:
 Second miscarriage. 
Second d&c surgery.
No fireworks nearby due to wildfires here in Colorado.
And the husband wasn't here while I was going through heartache. 

I did however find enough energy in me to make a flag cake. 
I had to do something. I'm a freak for the holidays. Love em' all. Especially, the 4th of July. It's probably my second favorite holiday if I had to number them in order of favorites. I can't let a holiday pass me by without making some kind of craft or special dish. It's just not in my blood to forget about the holidays, no matter what obstacles I'm going through or faced with.

My family and I decided to take a drive up to Loveland which is about an hour away to see the fireworks over the lake. Because let's face it.. the 4th without fireworks is like.. cereal without milk (first thing that came to mind haha).

 Long story short: 
We saw elk in front of someone's house which was the hi-light of my night by the way, walked by a house full of drunks that had signs up saying "If you park here we'll shoot you," saw someone from that house get thrown to the ground by a police officer, had the worse cramps of-my-entire-life, and to top it all off.. once the fireworks started we couldn't even see them. 
An hour of driving for nothing.
 Oh. My. Goodness.
Talk about a pretty crappy 4th.

 (Experimented with this yummy chocolate moose frosting I pinned from a friend off of Pinterest awhile back. Instead of chocolate pudding mix.. I added cheesecake pudding mix so I could get white frosting. So good!)

(Elk wandering into someone's backyard)

(Trying hard to smile)
(In pain)
(My sweet daddy)

(Sunflower with a bee zooming by)

Even though I had a long list of all the negative crap that happened that day.. 
I have learned to count my blessings in all I do, in any given situation.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two Angels in Heaven

June 11, 2012 was our first ultrasound appointment.
And boy was I a nervous wreak. 
I sat there after waiting for a little bit and said this to Robby..
"I think it's okay if we go now.. I'm sure I'm fine!" 
He smiled and started rubbing my back.. assuring me everything was going to be fine. 
And it was.
Robby saw the heartbeat right away, but it took a second for me to see the heartbeat because the lovely Traci (our ultrasound tech who I just LOVE) was measuring my uterus.. or at least that's what I think she was doing. What do I know? haha.
I finally saw the little bitty heart beating. The little heart was beating 162bpm. I was in shock. Could this be? Are we really going to have a baby this time around?
We were extremely happy and felt blessed beyond measure.

 Our little angel

The second appointment was on June 25th.
Robby was working offshore so my mom and dad came with me to my appointment. 
My mom wasn't sure about going because she was hurt and distraught from my first experience back in 2011.
When I saw the baby on the screen I knew instantly that something was wrong.
No heartbeat once again.

What a devastating experience this was... again!
And without my husband there.. 
Even worse.
I won't go into detail with this miscarriage and with my d&c experience since I haven't even finished my blog entries for my first miscarriage but let's just say that this has been extremely hard for Robby and I to go through. Especially since we heard a heartbeat. We are now waiting for July 30th to roll around so we can see what the doctor has to say about the fetus testing. We are praying and hoping for good results. If the fetus testing comes out normal than they will do some testing on me.
I'm about to go buy a journal just so I can write down everything I've had/have to go through. 
My children better appreciate me! ;)