Friday, June 27, 2014

His Darlin' "Wifey"

Okay seriously, I'm horrible at these fashion post. First of all, I don't really have people to take pictures of me. I've been having my brother and husband take pictures of me on my iphone JUST because it's easier for them. I have a nice camera, but no one really knows how to use it. 

Second, I read fashion blogs and wonder.. do you really wear those high heels all day long?! (I would die!) I don't know. I'm just me and what I post is actually what I'm wearing that day. Not hating on anyone or their blog. I know some of it is business related which I totally understand. And hey, some girls can actually wear heels all day ;)

I just want to be true to myself and honest with the few people that actually read this little ol' blog of mine ;) Don't get me wrong though, I LOVE reading fashion post, looking at pictures and pinning them on Pinterest. I definitely have my favorite fashion bloggers that I stalk daily!! ;) If I could (and if I had the moo-lah) I would totally post more fashion post with better quality photos. Maybe one day.

t-shirt: ily couture
shoes: steve madden // nordstrom rack

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Easy Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

If you know me, you'll know that I LOVE Pepsi! I just love that unhealthy stuff!!! However, I am trying to wean myself off of carbonated drinks. Is it working? Kind of! A little. I'm still working on it. Especially when we go out to eat. Chick-fil-A just taste THAT much better with a carbonated drink in my hand. That's another addiction I have to work on. One addiction at time. 

You want to know whats helping with my Pepsi addiction though? Strawberry Lemonade. It's soo refreshing. Especially for Spring and Summer. I've been carrying strawberry lemonade around like Si and his iced tea. Now, I'm not saying this is the healthiest drink, BUT I THINK it's better than Pepsi. Baby steps people! 

What you'll need: 

- 1 GAL of filtered water
- 1 Can of frozen Minute Maid concentrated Lemonade (the store brand taste JUST as good)
- 1 1/4 cup of sugar (less if you don't like it too sweet)
- 6 Strawberries (you can always add more if you want)

  • Add frozen concentrated lemonade to the water 
  • Add sugar
  • Stir
  • Put strawberries and a cup of the lemonade juice into the blender
  • Blend
  • Add strawberry mixture to the lemonade  

And there you have it! Pretty simple right?! 
I add a bunch of ice to my jar or tumbler and you can always add sliced lemons or strawberries. 

Hope you like. 

Here's to quitting Pepsi! *CHEERS*

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Peonies + DIY Vases

Hey friends & Happy Saturday!

I bought a couple of medium sized cylinder vases from Wal-Mart today that cost 97 cents and I decided to do a little DIY project. If you even want to call it that! haha. It's SO simple. All you need is spray paint, painters tape and a cylinder or square vase.

I LOVE how these turned out! I'm going to get a few more and make some with black stripes. You could use these for birthday decor, decorating the house or for holiday parties. I mean the black would look awesome for Halloween with some white flowers with maybe some flying bats popping out or fake spiders on top of the white flowers. Eeekk! Or hey, Memorial Day is coming.. what about some red, white and blue vases. The possibilities are endless!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Team Grimes

It's no surprise that I'm obsessed with "The Walking Dead." I LOVE, love, LOVE that show!! I'm not a huge fan of horror movies, but I have always loved zombie films and end-of-the-world-type-movies. I have my ringtone set to the walking dead intro theme and watch the episodes over and over again on Netflix. It never gets old! I love a few characters, but my MOST favorite character on the show is hands down... RICK GRIMES!! I went searching online for Rick shirts that were unique and different, but most of them were Daryl shirts. I have a Rick shirt from Hot Topic but wanted something completely different than what most people have. I found this one on Etsy and I just might order another one in white. Is it October yet?! ;)

blazer: forever 21
t-shirt: saywhatapparel
jeans: old
bracelet:charming charlie (old)