Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Halloween Advent Calendar

I looked up Halloween advent calendars on Pinterest but didn't really like the ones I saw, so I decided to make my own. Can't wait to hang this 'spooky' advent calendar on our fireplace!

  What you'll need
Burlap Fabric
Fabric Paint & Paint brush or sponge
Number Stencil (I got mine from Joann's)
31 Clothespins 
Acrylic Paint to paint clothespins
Halloween charms
Twine or Yarn
Printable cards

  •  I found the ghost and spider table scatters at Target. You know the dollar bins in the front of the store? They were in that section for $2.50 each.
  • I had burlap fabric and fabric paint already, but if you want to buy some you can get the fabric at Joann's or Wal-mart and the fabric paint you can buy at any craft store.
  • I got the clothespins at the dollar store (36 of them in one package).
  • I had the acrylic paint already to paint the clothespins black & white.
  • I printed the cards from here.
  • I bought the black & white twine from here.

Now.. for the cards!
I don't have any kids yet, but I made some cards keeping my future children in mind. Robby and I will do most of these activities together now (I'm a kid at heart and I LOVE all the holidays), BUT we can come up with something else to do if we don't feel like having a Halloween muffin tin lunch or coloring a Halloween picture! Ha! Who knows.. we can color a page and the best picture wins, getting a massage for the prize! =) 

Btw.. if you come up with a cuter way to make the cards please let me know. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to digital stuff so that's as good as it's going to get.

Also, I know we all get busy and stuff comes up. 
So I thought about just adding the cards in the bags weekly or maybe even sticking a card in the bag daily that way I know for sure if that activity will work with everyone's schedule/weather/etc.

AND last but not least, 
if these activities are way too much for you to add to your already busy schedule, then you can alternate-- activity, treat, activity, treat.. & by treat I mean a piece of candy or a cheap little Halloween toy. 
That's what I love about these calendars.. we can make it our own!

On each card I added an activity and Halloween joke.

Here is my list in no particular order:

go to a corn maze
*why don't skeletons like parties?
{they have no 'body' to dance with}

make a creamy caramel apple dip
*what is a witch's favorite story?
{'ghoul deluxe' and the 'three scares'}
(NOTE: You can find that recipe on my Pinterest board called: autumn/fall)

go trunk-or-treating
*where do baby ghost go during the day?
 (NOTE: My church always has trunk or treating, so that's why I added that one} 

read halloween books
*what kind of mistakes do ghost make?

pick apples & bake an apple pie with the apples we pick
*what is a witch's favorite subject in school?

watch charlie brown halloween special & read "it's a great pumpkin charlie brown"
*what do you call a fat jack-o-lantern?
{a 'plumpkin'}

make apple cider
*what do witches put in their hair? 
{'scare' spray}

have a photo shoot in the leaves
*what do ghost do when they get in the car?
{they 'boo-kle' their seatbelts}

go on a picnic
*why was no food left after the monster party?
{everyone was a 'goblin'}

make spider cupcakes
*what do birds sing on halloween?
{trick or 'tweet'}

go on a hay ride
*what is the favorite game at a ghost's party?
{hide & 'shriek'}

carve pumpkins
*why didn't the skeleton cross the road?
{didn't have the guts}

color a halloween picture
*what's a monster's favorite play?
{romeo & 'ghouliet'}

go trick-or-treating/pass out candy/make hot cocoa
*who won the skeleton beauty contest?
{no 'body'}
(NOTE: this card will always be in the day 31 bag & watching "Hocus Pocus" is MUST!!!)

paint mini pumpkins
*what kind of witch lives by the sea?

make ghost rice krispie treats
*what do you call two witches living together?

make a halloween craft
*who did frankenstien take to prom?
{his 'ghoul' friend}

visit the pumpkin patch
*what do skeletons say before eating?
{'bone' appetit!}

make halloween cookies
*why do witches fly on brooms?
{vacuum cleaner cords aren't long enough}  

make spider ice cubes & a spooky halloween drink
*what do you call a skeleton who won't work?
{lazy bones}

"boo" one of your neighbors with a halloween treat
*when is it bad luck to meet a black cat?
{when you're a mouse}

have a halloween muffin tin lunch
*what do ghost's say when something is really neat?

have a family halloween party
*what does a witch do on saturday night?
(NOTE: we may not have time to always have a halloween party, but we can veg out on the carpet with just the ones who live in our house with halloween music blasting-- I consider that a party too!)

decorate for halloween
*what do ghost serve for dessert?
{ice 'scream'!}
(NOTE: this card will always be in the day 1 bag)

make any halloween treat
*what is a vampire's favorite food?

watch a halloween movie
*what do you call a friendly, dead egyptian?
{chummy mummy}

make a halloween craft
*what do ghost drink when they are thirsty?
 (NOTE: I know I already added this, but a person can't make enough crafts. Especially with all the cute ideas on Pinterest)

pumpkin bowling
*what kind of insurance does a ghost buy?
{home 'moaners' insurance}

watch hocus pocus
*how does a witch tell time?
{she looks at her 'witch' watch}
(NOTE: I'll probably watch this movie more than once. My favorite!) 

make s'mores
*why are mummies good employees?
{they get 'wrapped up' in their work}
(NOTE: they have halloween s'more ideas on pinterest with the ghost marshmallows)

make halloween cake pops
*what has webbed-feet, feathers, fangs and quacks?
{count duckula} 


 I added some more cards to my list..

watch "the witches"

what do ghosts eat for breakfast?

go for a fall walk

where does count dracula usually eat his lunch?
{at the casketeria}

paint halloween rocks

what's it like to be kissed by a vampire?
{it's a pain in the neck}

make caramel apples

knock knock.
who's there?
ben who?
ben waiting for halloween all year!
Note: cheesy joke, i know! & i can't believe i forgot caramel apples in the first place.

make dirt in a cup/add gummy worms

why did dracula's mother give him cough medicine?
{because he was having a coffin fit} 

play halloween games

how can you tell the vampire likes baseball?
{every night he turns into a bat}

scavenger hunt
knock, knock.
who's there?
witch who?
witch one of you can fix my broomstick?

make pumpkin bread/give some to a neighbor

what song does dracula hate?
{"you are my sunshine"}

read fall books

knock, knock.
who's there?
boo who?
boo who, I didn't want to make you cry.

go over the history of halloween

what tops off a ghost's ice cream sundae?
{whipped scream}

make halloween popcorn
dracula decided he needed a dog, which breed did he choose?
{a bloodhound}

make leaf art
what do you call a goblin who gets too close to a bonfire?
{a toasty ghosty}

make snikerdoodle cookies with candy corn
what kind of tie does a ghost wear to a formal party?
{a boo-tie}

I added a couple more craft cards & movie cards since those are fun & FREE!

If you have any other ideas or ideas that don't cost a penny, please let me know so I can add your ideas to my list. 


**Time to make a Christmas one!**



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