Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chalkboard Banner

I had this brilliant idea to make a chalkboard banner when I was making my Halloween Advent Calendar and guess where I saw my idea at about a week ago? 
Yea, you guessed it..
(insert sad face)
I guess some people got tired of making a banner for each holiday/season like I did ;)

So I just went ahead and made a banner anyways because I still love my the idea. 
I mean how easy would it be to write and than erase?

I'm still trying to see if these wood sheets are durable for erasing a number of times. I'm probably going to paint the back of each card for more support and because it looks a lot nicer.. 

What you'll need
Wood Balsa Sheets
(I got mine at Michaels but you may find them somewhere else cheaper. I used a coupon of course)
Chalkboard Paint 
(I got mine awhile back at Home Depot)
Small Paint Roller or Paint Brush
Hole puncher
Rope, Ribbon, String

Cut Wood Sheets  
(read my lesson learned down below)

Lesson Learned: If you look at the picture below.. I cut the sheets into rectangles, painted them with chalkboard paint and then I cut the banner to the shape I wanted. I suggest cutting the shape you want and then painting them because when you cut after you paint..some chips of wood may break & then you have to touch up with paint again.

So, cut into this shape below or into a triangle & then paint them.

Add two holes at the top of each

You got yourself a chalkboard banner.

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