Saturday, May 17, 2014

Peonies + DIY Vases

Hey friends & Happy Saturday!

I bought a couple of medium sized cylinder vases from Wal-Mart today that cost 97 cents and I decided to do a little DIY project. If you even want to call it that! haha. It's SO simple. All you need is spray paint, painters tape and a cylinder or square vase.

I LOVE how these turned out! I'm going to get a few more and make some with black stripes. You could use these for birthday decor, decorating the house or for holiday parties. I mean the black would look awesome for Halloween with some white flowers with maybe some flying bats popping out or fake spiders on top of the white flowers. Eeekk! Or hey, Memorial Day is coming.. what about some red, white and blue vases. The possibilities are endless!

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