Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our Third Anniversary

Today my husband and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary. 
Three years ago today, we were in Colorado Springs getting ready for the big day. We got married at a beautiful venue, ate the most delicious food, had our first dance as husband & wife, we cried, we laughed and we were all getting jiggy with it. 

I absolutely love this picture. 
The sun shining, pine trees, a little snow on the ground and of course PINE CONES! 
Colorado is so gorgeous.

I got each of my gals a purple jumpsuit & my mom's friend was so kind to embroider Maid of Honor, Soon to be Mrs. Magee and two Bridesmaid banners to pin on the back of each jumpsuit.

From left to right: Robby's best friend, Robby, the matchmaker a.k.a Robby's older brother and my bro.

I was so pleased with our wedding cake. 
And by pleased, I'm mostly talking about how good it tasted.
You better believe we took the left overs home!

 What's a wedding without a little football?
It's a Southern tradition to have a groom's cake made for the groom and since Robby's from the south, I ordered a cake with his favorite football team logo (but he secretly loves the Bronco's more haha I kid).

My mom and I spent many hours making magnets for my wedding favors.
They were cute but really.. what the heck was I thinking? 
And Pinterest.. where were you when I needed you?!

Here is a picture of us dancing our way in as MR. & MRS. MAGEE to the Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling."

Here is a picture of us getting ready to get our GRUB on! Seriously the best food I have EVER had. We also chose to do it buffet style. 
You still hungry? No problem, go grab yo-self some more.

Our First Dance as husband and wife.

The best man giving his speech that he wrote THAT morning on a Best Western hotel paper. Such a best man thing to do! I have to admit.. I was a little scared since he waited till the last minute to write it, but boy was I in for a surprise. It was such a good speech.. a little laughter, some words of advice and genuine brotherly love. Great memories!

Dancing barefoot because I can ;)

I don't know who requested this song, but we all got crazy when "Baby Got Back" came on. Even my dad was booty bumping!

This picture below was ALSO us dancing to "Baby Got Back.' 
If I had to guess by my Sister in' Laws hand placement, it was probably at the part when he said.. "I like 'em round and big." 
Then again, it could have been any part of the song. Haha.

 There are so many stories to tell and even some regrets. "I wish I would have.." moments, but overall it was a great night filled with memories I will NEVER forget.

Walking down the isle and marrying you was by far the BEST decision I have ever made. We have been through a whole lot in just these three short years, but it has brought us so close and I love how we have learned to really trust and BE THERE for one another. Thank you for being the best husband a woman could ever ask for. Thank you for being so supportive and always reminding me (daily) to trust in our Heavenly Father.

I love you so much, Robby.
Here's to many many more love.

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