Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our 2nd Anniversary

Our original plans didn't work out. Go figure! lol

There's a place across the street from the temple where you can lay a blanket down and look at the beautiful and breathtaking building. So, I packed up a picnic dinner and we headed to the Denver Temple. We were running late so unfortunately we didn't get much sun. Which equals out to cold weather and horrible pictures. Bummer!

I made chicken salad sandwiches on croissant bread {because the hubby wanted it and plus it makes for good picnic food, right?}, crackers and cheese, mini dill pickles, strawberries, and I even made more salsa for chips and salsa. Which doesn't quite go with picnic food, I know, but I was craving more since we ate the last batch in a day. I also cut up lemon slices, made lemonade, and poured it in a mason jar {thanks pinterest}. And then we had our anniversary cake for dessert. Last year was a pretty tuff anniversary so this year we celebrated a little more. 

We laughed about our wedding day memories. 
Example: Blake's (Robby's best friend) best man speech that he wrote the morning of our wedding on a Best Western memo paper. It turned out surprisingly well. I loved it actually.
We laughed thinking about my dad getting down to "baby got back." 

We cried reading each others cards. {My card is on the last page of the Book I made for Robby. Look at the picture below}
We cried thinking about last year.
We cried because we love each other.
We cried because we are blessed to spend another year here on earth with each other. 

After we ate our picnic dinner, we opened presents, and then walked around the temple. And then ran into traffic on the way home. We didn't do much {I WILL make anniversary plans to go to Disney World or even Disneyland if it kills me} but spending time with each other was all we needed :)

Here is one of the gifts I got for Robby. I wanted to get something sentimental and something we can cherish and look back on. I may just make this a yearly tradition. And I'm planning {you know how well my plans have been working out} on making one for my future babies and giving it to them each year on their birthday.
 I ordered the book from here btw.


 Our walk around the temple



  1. happy anniversary! I love the book you made, I've seen a lot of those books but this is the cutest one I've ever seen. I'll have to remember that site!

  2. Love, love, love! I'm just now seeing this blog, but what a sweet 2nd anniversary!! You two are too cute! I am sooo glad y'all found each other! Truly, two hearts bound by Gods own hands! Love you both, Mom.